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Our translation process is carried out by distinguished and experienced translators ,then the translated texts are revised by an expert translator to be sure that no mistakes or errors were taken place. After revision, the texts pages are sent to the client within the due date.



Tarjama-Super is an establishment that is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Amman, Jordan.
It provides professional and honest translation and submit it within the allotted time.
Translators of Tarjama-Super are quite capable of translating commercial, legal, medical, engineering, scientific, agricultural texts and all kinds of documents ... >More


We are a group of professional translators working in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
Due to the growing need for accurate and honest translation and people's complaints of weak and electronic translations, we have decided to establish "Tarjama–Super" translation website.



Tarjama–Super tends to provide its customers with professional translation done by well-skilled translators.

Tarjama–Super translates texts, contracts, books, research papers, patents and all..>More



  1. Enhancing the level of translation worldwide from Arabic, English and other languages according to professional standards to satisfy our dear clients.
  2. Providing translation services with prices that are suitable for most of our clients...> More

latest News


13/12/2011 Tarjama-super continues its promotional campaign.


12/12/2011 Tarjama-super is ready to receive texts via internet.


11/12/2011 Tarjama-super Establishment launches its website on the internet.